Forestry England is undertaking its routine review of the forest plan for the land that it manages in the East Dorset area.

Click here for informationThe review will cover the following land:

• Ashley Heath (Moors Valley Country Park).
• Ringwood (North).
• Hurn Forest & Ramsdown Plantation.
• West Moors Plantation (inc Three Legged Cross).
• Cannon Hill, Whitesheet and Udden’s Plantations.
• Queen’s Copse (Horton Wood).

We would welcome your thoughts, comments and feedback. Click the above link.

The draft plan is near the top of the list, but searching for ‘East Dorset Forest Plan 2020 – 2030’ will narrow it down.

Please note that the closing date for feedback is 26th October 2020.

Anti Social Behaviour Survey Launched

Dorset’s Police and Crime Commissioner has launched a survey asking residents about their experiences of anti social behaviour.

The survey asks residents whether they have been victims of anti social behaviour, how much of a problem they think it is in their area and whether they believe it’s got worse or better in recent years.

Police and Crime Commissioner Martyn Underhill, who is launching the survey today, hopes to gain a broader understanding of the issue across Dorset and how it affects residents’ lives.

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