Dorset Council consultation of Climate and Ecological Emergency

These are the full details of a request for assistance by Dorset Council to Parish Councillors

Back in May last year at our very first meeting as a new council, in response to the existential threat of climate change and its impacts, Dorset Council members took the bold step to declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency.

Since then, councillors and officers have worked incredibly hard to pull together a comprehensive, ambitious and deliverable strategy and action plan for how Dorset Council can change the way it works, how it delivers services and how we can help our partners and communities in order to achieve net-zero carbon emissions in Dorset over the next 20-30 years.

This draft strategy, its related action plans and supporting technical papers are now all available at

Today we have launched a full consultation, asking everyone what they think of our strategy and proposed approach. The survey can be found at

Dorset Council has a communication and engagement plan for promoting the consultation and we will do our best to get the word out across the county. But we want as many people as possible to respond to the survey, so we are asking for your help to publicise it far and wide.

You can help by: –

• Distributing the official press release to whoever you feel would be interested in this work
• Sharing related posts from our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds
• Forwarding related e-bulletins when you receive them via e-mail
• Informing residents of the consultation through your day-to-day activities
• Keeping an eye out for forthcoming material that will help promote the survey, especially to schools and youth groups.

We will also be hosting a webinar for Town and Parish councillors next month, which will take you through the consultation process and provide additional support for how you can get involved.

Dorset Council believes that this work is incredibly important. Just sitting by and letting others address this crisis is not an option. We need to work together to overcome this monumental challenge. What we all do – or don’t do – to address this Climate and Ecological Emergency will impact our children, grandchildren and every other generation for centuries to come.

Thank you in advance for your help and for taking the time to fill out the survey,