Launch of new website

This website has only just gone live as at 10th June 2020. It is currently a work in progress and we are still learning how to use this system please bear with us why we progress the site and we would welcome feedback good or bad particularly if you find anything difficult to access or find or even have suggestions on what could be included. You can email the Clerk on with any comments. Thank you for visiting our site

St Leonards & St Ives Parish Council
West Ward
Representation of the People Act 1985

Notice is hereby given that by reason of resignation of Cllr Mrs A Warman a vacancy has occurred among the members of the Parish Council. The Council may fill the vacancy by co-option in accordance with the requirements of the Act. Any person willing to fill the vacancy should apply to the Clerk in writing on or before 12noon on Monday 6th July 2020.

To qualify an applicant’s name must appear on the current register of the Voters List or the applicant should during the whole of the twelve months preceding the relevant date resided in or within three miles of the parish or the applicant’s only place of work during the whole of the twelve months preceding the relevant date is in the parish. The applicant must not be debarred from standing as a Councillor. The applicant does not have to reside in the West Ward specifically.
Signed:… …
Mrs Ann Jacobs, 9th June 2020

Clerk and Proper Officer St Leonards & St Ives Parish Council

To apply please send a letter of application to:-

Mrs Ann Jacobs, Clerk to Council
St Leonards & St Ives Parish Council
Parish Office
Braeside Road
St Leonards
BH24 2PH
By 12 noon on Monday 6th July 2020

Your application should provide details of your skills and knowledge which might assist the Council in its functions ideally please provide a CV with your application, explain why you feel you are suitable and why you would like to become a Councillor. It should also declare that you meet the criteria for eligibility set out in s. 79 of the 1972 Act, and are not disqualified pursuant to s.80 of the 1972 Act, to be a member of the council.

Further information on the Councils work is available on our website
The Council intends to formally appoint at it’s full Council meeting scheduled for 29th July 2020.

Parish Office – Temporary Closure due to COVID 19

We regret but until further notice the Parish Office is closed to the public.  Mail and calls will still be monitored but public access is currently not possible due to COVID 19 restrictions.  We hope to resume to normal working as soon as possible.

Access to Council Meetings during the Corona Outbreak

Following the Governments new restrictions due to the pandemic, the normal practice of the Council publically meeting is currently not permitted and all of the scheduled meetings on our website will be held virtually until further notice. We do not know how long these restrictions will be upon us but the welfare of the Public is paramount. It is also necessary to continue with business as usual wherever possible. The new Corona Act came into force on 4th April 2020 and the Council is now permitted to hold meetings virtually. This is new to many on the Council as it will be too many of the public and there may be some teething issues as we get used to this new way of conducting our business but the Council aims to be as transparent as possible.

Agendas and Minutes will continue to be published on our website
Meetings will be held by using the platform Zoom which the public can access freely on the web.

How to join the meeting:-
The public is welcome to join the meeting as advertised but we ask that you do so with video enabled and your name displayed. Be aware of your surroundings when setting up your screen and ensure before you join the meeting that there is nothing in the background you would not wish to be made public as it may be visible to others.
You should join with your microphone muted until you wish to speak. To do this click on the ‘mute mic’ button at the bottom left of the Zoom screen.

To gain access to the meeting email the Clerk by 9am on the day immediately prior to the meeting day. Email address: an invitation and a password will then be sent to you by email. We recommend that you also email the Clerk with any comments so that they can be circulated prior to the meeting.

Please note that the Clerk will be recording the meetings to facilitate the Minutes only, copies will not be made or used for any other purpose and they will be destroyed once the subsequent meeting takes place.

The Chairman will control the meeting and ask the public directly if they have any questions or statements to be made. You will be asked to keep any such comments/questions to 2 minutes and may only speak when asked to do so during the public forum section of the meeting.

Disruptive Behaviour will not be tolerated, anyone behaving in this manner will be excluded from the meeting.
We cannot guarantee the signal or electronic equipment during the meeting.
Draft Minutes will be made available to the public 2 weeks after the meeting date.

Planning Applications: Please ensure that you respond to any consultations direct to Dorset Council via their website and by their deadline as well as copying the Parish Council in.

We regret but during the Governments lockdown, for public safety, the Parish Office will remain closed to the public. All play and gym equipment is closed and out of use. Once things return to normal we shall endeavour to have the facilities open as soon as we are permitted.
Stay well
Ann Jacobs
Clerk to Council
St Leonards & St Ives Parish Council