Register of Pecuniary Interests

The Localism Act requires councillors to complete a Register of Pecuniary Interests and to have their details placed on the website. Details regarding a pecuniary interest for each Parish Councillor are shown below.

This is to help demonstrate transparency in the decision-making process. If their interest arises on an item at a meeting, the councillor cannot take part in the discussion or in voting on that item (unless they possess a dispensation). Councillors are required to declare such interests if they arise in a meeting. Failure to declare such an interest may constitute a criminal offence.

Councillor Ray Bryan

Councillor Alan Davies

Councillor Mike Dyer

Councillor Keith Gawler

Councillor Barry Goringe

Councillor Margaret Goringe

Councillor Noel Hindmarch

Councillor Ulrike Lucas

Councillor Sally Marshall

Councillor Kelly Neale

Councillor John B Parker

Councillor John W Parker

Councillor Ann Warman

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