The Parish Council

The Parish Council has direct responsibility to the parishioners, and power in law to act, for the provision of certain amenities that are particular to the Parish, from the provision of bus shelters through to the maintenance of war memorials. The list is wide ranging.

The Council is required by law to represent the community as a whole and it is clearly an advantage to have a broad cross-section of opinion and expertise on which to call.

The work of the Council is divided into three Committees: Amenities, Finance and Planning. Please click on these links for further information on the committees. Subcommittees are formed as required to focus on particular matters and they report to their parent Committee, all of which report to the Full Council monthly. The public have a right to attend any of these meetings, (with the rare exception of those where confidential matters are to be discussed) and are most welcome. At each Council Meeting there is an Open Forum when parishioners are invited to ask questions and make comments.

For details of the Councillors and their roles please click here

The full council meets on the last Wednesday of each month, except in December at 7pm. A timetable of all 2017-18 meetings can be found here

Minutes of previous meetings

Please click here to read the policies of the Council

Please click for details of the land assets held by the Council.